Meet the Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Denny & First Lady Michelle

Pastor Denny Jenkins was born and raised in Covington, LA in a small community called Lee Road, where he attended the Pentecostals of Lee Road Community church most all of his life. In 1986 he married his wife, Michelle, in which time they moved into the New Orleans area.

Pastor Denny received his call into the ministry in 1988 and has served under several Pastors in Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry and Evangelism through Bible Studies and altar ministry.

Michelle has served alongside her husband in each of these ministries, but her main ministry has been in the Worship/Music Ministry, in which she continues to minister in at the Pentecostals of Loranger church. In 1997 they moved back to the Covington area and began attending Pastor Denny’s home church again, The Pentecostals of Lee Road. In 2006, under the guidance of Bishop Rick Maricelli and his wife Donna Maricelli, the pastor of Lee Road church, sent Pastor Denny and Michelle to work with the small Bible study group in Loranger and that work has continued to this day into a thriving church in the Loranger Community.

Pastor Denny and Michelle have one son, Cody Jenkins and his wife Katie and their son Ethan, who all attend the Pentecostals of Loranger and are very involved in the church. Pastor Denny & Michelle’s passion continues to grow for the Loranger Community and Tangipahoa Parish area.

If you attend the Pentecostals of Loranger you will immediately feel the Love of the members that is exampled everyday by their Pastor and his wife. There is a place for you at the Pentecostals of Loranger.